Ferry Boats, River Otters, and Worms, OH MY!

by Megan June. 12, 2008 1686 views

Here are a few natural nature shots of my childhood home town. I spent most of my summers (and every holiday) in Sistersville, WV. When I was home over Memorial Day, I tried to capture the true spirit of this wild, wonderful town. (I say wild in the nature aspect…there is not a thing to do here…except go to the Elks…which is an entirely different topic and a whole post by its self.)

The day was a little dreary, so I apologize for the poor lighting in some of these photos…but I just couldn't believe the amount of WORMS that these birds were getting. It was insane! A few years ago, the Ohio River flooded and came over the banks and into the homes along Riverside Dr. My grandma's was one of them. Since that time, the soil here has been so rich! It's wet, dark and perfect for planting. I couldn't get over how black it was. No wonder this is an endless buffet for these birds.

Still a little grossed out, but happy to look at photos of my most favorite place in the world,


The Ferry Boat was a huge object of fascination to me as a child. I used to beg my grandpa, Pop, to take me over to look at The Ferry Boat….which he always did. Then when I got older, I used to ride across it with boyfriends to get some yummy strawberry pie on the other side of the river in Fly, Ohio.

Tucked in for the night. You may recognize this grassy knoll…it is the spot that my icon photo was taken (by my sweet tolerant little brother.) That darn pole is always in the way…and it's crooked.

River Otter or Beaver? It may look like he's swimming in a mud puddle…but he's not. The sky was so gray that it made the river look like dirt.

The beavers love my grandma's river bank. We throw yard waste (sticks and such) over the hill and it never seems to build up. That's because the beavers come up to get it and use it to build their dams. How neat! But I think this is a river otter. Let's call him Emmet…come on children and mother's of the 80's…you remember him. Hint: He had a jug band.

Eeeww! This bird had a TON of worms in her mouth at one point…I only caught this one though.

This really grosses me out…but it's so fascinating. Look at all those worms! I was cropping this in PP and it started to make me itchy…I still kinda am.

The Boat Docks behind my grandma's house.

Same spot, but the wind has layed (laid?) down and the sun is just setting…the two different shots were taken about 45 minutes apart.

This one is my favorite. I took this from my grandma's back porch.

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Tracy 13 years ago

Such beautiful shots of the river! very peaceful!

13 years ago Edited
Neda 13 years ago

beautiful landscapes .. :)

13 years ago Edited
Kerry 13 years ago

Beautiful shots Megan - what a gorgeous location! I really love everything about number three - the colour in the sky is incredible!! Nice that you have such a beautiful place to visit your family in... and I second that little addition to the end of the post - HOORAY for the weekend!!!!!! :)

13 years ago Edited
Julie 13 years ago

Isn't it wonderful to have a place where you can relive wonderful childhood memories?
Very lovely shots!

13 years ago Edited
Mandylouwho 13 years ago

What a great set - a lovely place!

13 years ago Edited
Lorina Lynn 13 years ago

What a wonderful place to spend a childhood!

13 years ago Edited
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