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I like these scenic post-industrial areas: the fight of order and disorder. The pictures are taken in Romania.

The scene is probably the most frequented, or at least one of the first graffiti sites of Budapest. I'm not a big expert of the topic, but I like the creative…

A used-to-be electric factory in the middle of Budapest, now a big park and a not quite finished parking area. Good enough to try out newly bought lens… :)

It was late afternoon, before the day of the opening. A spooky scene without the happy crouds of people.

Before anyone misunderstands the title: not all the places of downtown Budapest are so broken down - this was only the focus of my photo-trip, for it has a kind…

A small village in Transylvania (Romania) where we went to a folk dance camp in 2005. Made with the simpliest focus free 3.2 Mp digital camera.