So what's this all about?

by Maria Schumacher November. 20, 2016 490 views

Discover Canada as we do - follow along our random bumblings, snapping away at anything that takes our fancy. Here I share glimpses of our newly settled city life in Vancouver, our ventures out into the wilderness of the mountains in the north and eventually of our meanderings across this vast country. Who is "we"? Well, that would be my partner Aidan (aka Noodle), Silvaner Skunk (our mascot bear) and myself, Maria.

Having left our nomadic life behind ( - for a good long while at least - we are settling back into real life. You know.... jobs, paying rent, that kind of thing. And with that come a great many new opportunities! No longer forced to carry everything with us that should not be left on the motorbikes to tempt nimbly fingered thieves, we are free to go on a stroll anywhere, do anything. And so we do, pointing our cameras this way and that.

Hopefully settled life also gives us a chance to do all the things you can't do when you're travelling. I didn't even realise how many of them I would miss. It's the simple things; being able to go back to that favourite cafe or restaurant round the corner from your house as many times as you like. The basil plant on the kitchen windowsill that you can pluck every time you cook a yummy spag-bowl. Having a pot big enough to not snap the spaghetti in half, for that matter. Not having those things on my travels didn't matter much then. I've just come to appreciate them so much more, now that I've swapped the tent for bricks, windows, and a front door.

Camp fire kitchen in the Painted Desert, Australia

More importantly, or more relevant perhaps, is the fact that settled life offers the chance to have hobbies. Like photography. I'm not making any promises as to skills or talent! But I intend to try my very best to improve my snaps. Meanwhile I hope that the subject matter will be of interest, even if not every photo is a masterpiece.

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