A beginning of a new year..2014

by Mohdshafie Muhamad January. 04, 2014 2305 views

Happy new yer to everyone..
Its been a year I left this blog without any new update. FB and Instagram being the best choice of social media sharing right now. But still, blog is one of my platform to share info and photos.

Above is the photo of local drink in my country. We call it ‘Cendol’ (or you might pronounce it as ‘Chen-dol’. Origin of this cool drink is still unknown. Some saying cendol is from South Thai, known as Chorn Dooi. But some says cendol origin is from Indonesia which known as ‘Jendol’ among Javanese and Sundanese.

The ingredient of cendol are green jelly, palm sugar, light coconut milk and of course, ice (either shaved or not). Additional ingredient such as read beans, grass jelly, sweet corn, glutenous rice and also ice cream being added for better taste. Cendol is suitable during hot days to cool your body..

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