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by Lynn F Medley July. 06, 2019 90 views

Oysters shells on the coast of Hilton Island, SC

Oysters shells on the coast of Hilton Island, SC

Oyster sea shells,, Nothing particulary pretty or appealing about them but somebody once thought they were worth picking up and working hard on extracting the gray, sliming insides to eat??? Anyhow I like them myself after they are breaded and fried or in stew.

Here is a little info I found about oysters. They are of the family of Ostreidae. The most popular and heavily harvested species is the eastern American oyster which they can possibly produce pearls. But the Pteridae family oysters are pearl oysters, or pinctada which produce pearls versus the oysters we eat.

They are an omnivore consuming alage and other food particles from the water constantly drawing over their gills. Providing filtration of the water and habitats for other species oysters are an important part of the ecosystems of our oceans. Shallow waters in colonies called beds or reefs is where they live. In some areas their numbers have declined or dissapeared due to their sensitivity to water pollution and over harvesting.

Oysters are high in calcium, iron and protein, low in fat and calories. Zinc, which they have high contents of is where research suggest can improve the body’s production of testosterone. I think these is where the possible aphrodisiac benefits must come in.

Raw oysters eaten can carry harmful viruses and bacteria so it is highly recommended to cook them. When you cook them throughly wash the oysters and choose only those with closed shells and throw away those that don’t open during cooking.

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Russell Smith 1 year, 6 months ago

I love a good Oyster Roast . Fried I like them fried in a Poe Boy otherwise for me on the 1/2 shell or lightly steamed/roasted. The amount of water that they filter and clean is amazing to me .

1 year, 6 months ago Edited
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