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by Lynn F Medley November. 10, 2019 185 views

This is an old coffee pot my Mom handed down to me,, she could make some really strong coffee in it which she did a few times when her and I spent some time together,, the quilt it is sitting on was made by her sister -in-law, my dad’s sister, the fabric which it was made of come from my Mom"s blouses,, , Mom most likely was wearing one of these tops while we enjoyed coffee from this pot,,

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Buster Bruce 1 year ago

Love these old pots- and yes on the strong coffee they could produce.

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Lynn F Medley Replied to Buster Bruce 1 year ago


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Russell Smith 1 year ago

I miss seeing coffee pots like this.

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Lynn F Medley Replied to Russell Smith 1 year ago

A lot more personality 🙂

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