I know why employment is so high

by Melissa June. 13, 2008 1597 views

Want to know why? Because so many applicants are idiots.

I know this because I am recruiting for a position right now. Granted, it's a temporary telemarketing position, which tends to attract a unique breed, but still….most of the people I've been dealing with are pretty daft.

Almost everyone I've spoken with is currently not working, yet their resumes indicate their most current position is to “Present.” So either they think it looks better to show that they are working (and lying about it) or they are too lazy to update their resumes. Do they not know that they are going to be caught in a lie when they are interviewed?

Idiot X, replied to our job posting on craigslist on 6/9. I called and left her a message on 6/10 to do a telephone interview. We re-ran the exact same ad on 6/11. She applied again on 6/11, but still hadn't returned my call when she applied AGAIN. I spoke with her on 6/11 about the job and told her if we were interested we'd call her back for an interview. I had a resume from her on the fax on 6/12, applying the third time for same job, one she'd already been phone interviewed about.

I've had three interviews set up this week, all three of them cancelled. I guess I can't complain because at least they contacted us to let me know they needed to cancel and didn't just stand us up.

One of these three who cancelled, did so by email and asked if he could reschedule. No “sorry” about the cancellation, no “thank you” about the possibility of rescheduling. Reluctantly, I suggested two other appointment times, and I've had no reply.

Tip to job seekers: when a potential employer asks you why you left your last position, don't say it was because you didn't get along with the manager. To me that's a red flag that you are all about the drama, none of which I want a part of.

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