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by Melissa June. 24, 2008 1455 views

Our new neighborhood hang, Brats Brothers!

We celebrated the end of the school year there Friday night with Brothers Peter and Roland, German-Americans who are bringing Brats to L.A. in a major way. I can't believe we haven't been back every day since then.

We were greeted by Roland who we quickly discovered had spent time in Noosa, which just happens to be our favorite Australian beach town.

Paul partook in the “Swiss” (Mild veal & parsley), which I thought was a slap in the face to his Austrian and Australian roots. And while I technically should have tried the Polish, I just couldn’t resist the “Wild West” (Buffalo & Burgundy). We both had the red cabbage salad and potato salad for sides. All the hot dogs are served on gorgeous french rolls.

Dare I say the potato salad was almost as good as Aunt Edel’s (a true Austrian herself).

Since I only had my camera phone, the picture of the menu is not clear. Here's what it says:

All Brats:

1. German: veal pork, onions & parsley
2. Bavarian: Smoked pork & beer
3. Swiss: Mild veal & parsley
4. Polish: Smoked pork
5. Hungarian: spicy pork
6. Black Forest: Mild smoked pork
7. Hot Italian: Spicy pork & spices
8. French: Chicken, apple & cinnamon
9. Gobbler: 1/2 lb. turkey
10. Austrian: Smoked Venison & port
11. New Zealander: Spicy lamb
12. Wild West: Buffalo & Burgundy
13. Aussie: Ostrich & pistachios
14. Rancher: All Beef

The sides are:

1. Grandma’s sauerkraut
2. Roasted potatoes
3. Caramelized onions
4. Beef chili
5. Creamy potato salad
6. Red cabbage salad

What I felt was lacking was any Asian sausage representation; my sister-in-law Mia would have been disappointed. But considering there is nothing on this menu I wouldn’t eat, we will be back and will work our way through it.

Other cool touches are the homemade mustards and ketchups, including curry ketchup.

They are already in development of their next location near Cedars-Sinai hospital, where you can stop by after your bypass surgery or stop in after you've caused the plaque that will require future bypass.

No point in yet linking to their website, it's not operational yet, but I will link to one of the most interesting food blogs in L.A. Deep End Dining, that has a great write up on the place http://www.deependdining.com/2008/06/dude-its-total-sausage-fest-brats.html [deependdining.com]

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