The Edison: Downtown's first private power plant, now hipster bar

by Melissa March. 05, 2009 3763 views

In the interest of full disclosure, the only picture I took in this set is of Paul and the menu. It was so dark in there, I didn't want to start snapping with flash and look like a rube.

I work very closely with 12 people; generally we aren’t the type of co-workers who socialize outside of work. Several weeks ago, Patrice (our Art Director) and I were discussing going to a downtown club called The Edison because we had heard it was beautiful and fun. So we invited our co-workers and anyone else who was along for the ride.

It was foolish to plan to go during the week leading up to our move, which collides extremely cruelly with the production schedule of our largest magazine issue of the year. Unfortunately after weeks of discussion, Patrice was unable to tear herself away from her Mac to join us, but I managed to convince several of our other co-workers and a few loved ones to join us for the adventure.

When I mentioned it to Paul, he thought it was hysterical since in the time we’ve known each other (about 10 years), he’s probably seen me drink all of ten times. But I persuaded him to come downtown.

I had an amazing time, and I get it now, drinking is fun. It’s even more fun when your boss picks up the tab. I was blown away by this gesture, and while I’m not sure if he will expense it or not, it was very unexpected and charming, considering there were a few non-employees at our table.

This is what Citysearch says about the Edison, I’m too tired to compose anything worthy about just how cool this place is:

A throwback to Hollywood's Golden Age, this underground haunt is without a doubt one of the coolest places in Los Angeles. Located near Harlem Place Alley–core of L.A.'s early 20th century music scene–the sprawling downtown space is old-school glam done up right. The 1910 Higgins Building's original structure remains intact, with many of the historic boiler room architectural elements still around (even the enormous central power generator is visible through a glass wall). Think of it as a living, breathing museum where handcrafted cocktails flow, pretty people shine, the ceilings soar and the attitude remains squarely at the door. (Yes, sometimes the bouncers can get a little uptight, but hey, no place is perfect.)

When you enter the Edison for happy hour, you are handed a buffalo nickel, which gives you right for one 35 cent drink, the drink that night was a gin and tonic, which is perfect since that’s what I planned on drinking. After that, drinks were 40% off until 7pm

A pretty hostess in a beaded flapper gown walked us down several flights of stairs to our plush reserved table. The club is gorgeous, elegant, dark and vibrant at the same time. Our table was comfortable, the second drink was potent, and the food we ordered was tasty. We split a sample platter, kobe burgers, an amazing truffle mac and cheese and some delish sweet potato fries.

I had a great time and didn’t want to leave; I look forward to going back.

Original boiler room.

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Tamara Harden 10 years, 8 months ago

What an incredible building. We have something here called the Powerhouse. It sits right next to the railroad tracks, and it was originally a powerhouse for the tracks. It is now a restaurant/brewery. The fun part is, there are power lines running up the walls, and ever so often you see the spark of electricity run up those. It's unnerving at first, until you get used to it, especially if you are sitting right underneath!

10 years, 8 months ago Edited