Varanasi 5

by Michael Mcmulkin March. 20, 2017 700 views

At a place called Sarnath close to Varanasi is the most famous Buddha stupor.

This is the pace where the Buddha preached his first sermon after obtaining elightment. See a full description of this and all the site history here.


A view of the stupa through the prayer flags

A view of the stupa across the site. 

This is the lawn in front of the stupor where the Buddha sat to give his first sermon. It has been a life long hope of mine that at some point in my life I could be in this place and sit where the Buddha sat. A very special, emotional and spiritual moment for me.

Buddha statue

This very impressive statue of the Buddha is set in these beautiful gardens. The next picture shows the information board for the statue.

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Shimna M 2 years, 7 months ago

Uncle once again thanks for sharing the parts of my own country which I have never seen. I loved the photos and happy to know about your special moment too :)
I love the angle of the last photo of the Buddha statue and the shadows of the arches in the 4th photo.
I'm not a expert, but still I think a little color correction would have made the photos more lively.

2 years, 7 months ago Edited