The Celebration of Steven Alvin Cook's Life

by Shasta Dease June. 25, 2011 1534 views

My uncle quietly passed away on May 27th surrounded by loved ones.

He went into the hospital for pneumonia and a possible stroke the day after my aunt came out of there having breast cancer surgery. He told the doctors that if they could not find what was wrong with him and he had to be on life support, to take him off. He lapsed into a coma later that day, and he never woke up again. Four days later, my aunt had an excrutiating decision to make.

I was there with him and had the opportunity to talk to him, just us two. That was the first time I had gotten to talk to him in years. Whether or not he heard me, I don't know. I like to believe he did.

When it was time to take him off life support, we all huddled around him and the hospital chaplain said a prayer for him. The nurses took out his breathing tube and he passed away.

On June 25th, we had his memorial service. It was held at Gospel Lighthouse Baptist Church in China Grove, NC. Many people showed up for support and love of the family. My aunt was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love. I'm sure my uncle felt how much they were loved.

My uncle's urn.

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