Trying New Things.

by Hamish Maccuish February. 28, 2017 1101 views

After a month or so I'd crammed my head full of ideas, tips and techniques. 

As we moved closer to winter the mornings were becoming full of dawn mist (a beautiful time of year). A perfect chance to try out some stuff.

I think this was one of the very first shots I took at that time, and I got lucky; in two ways. Most shots after this, the sun was too blown out and everything else to under exposed; and the framing. That wasn't a conscious thought about depth, it felt right to be in the shot at the time; it wasn't until i got the image up on the computer that I realised what my brain was looking for to compose the shot.

I'd learned something! 👍😁

Misty Sunrise

Misty Sunrise

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