by Hamish Maccuish March. 05, 2017 1027 views

Keeping with the Halloween spirit I wanted to keep trying to create emotions in pictures - I'd read that this was a good way to get people to engage with a picture; which makes sense. Engaging with something/one is a sure sign of interest.

A technique that has always intrigued me is one that I first saw from Jaws. Although I think Hitchcock was using "The Dolly Zoom" before then.

I love that "icky" feeling of dizzy movement and it fits well into the horror genre of thing.

Taking the dog out at night is a great time for me to scout for areas that I might like to come back to for some photographs; and this stairs-well isn't far off our usual route. Perfect! Time to practise!

I knew I wanted to create some atmosphere in this shot. Dark stairs are a great mood-setter for a horror experience, but I wasn't sure how to get the result what I wanted. 

I think it was around this point I started researching more and more into post-processing...and I got what I was looking for! 

I'm a sucker for special effects! 😁

Staring Down Crooked Srairs


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