Lunchtime Sunshine

by Hamish Maccuish August. 30, 2017 845 views
Shades of Coffee!

Shades of Coffee!

Sharp Features!

Sharp Features!

On one of the few occasions when I get some free time and the sun is in full view; it was a great to get a seat and enjoy some lunch with my wife; after a morning of furniture shopping...she wants to refurnish the office! 😓 It only started out by looking for a new bookcase! 😅

Sitting, waiting, I started thinking about my surroundings and played about with some composition stuff.

I really liked the lines of the table slats running through the images. I think the coffee cup shot could make an interesting black and white shot.

I took these on my phone so I'll only be able to work with a JPEG file but I don't think that'll cause much of an issue.

I'm curious how the shades of greys (no pun intended) will present themselves through the coffee creme and lens of the glasses.

Thanks for reading. 🖒

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