That which we see everyday...

by Hamish Maccuish January. 17, 2020 142 views

When we have a passion for something; we strive to weave it into our lives.

I read an article some weeks ago; an email, amidst..many... I'm not sure what prompted me to read that particular email (as many get ignore) but it was from Mitchell Kanashkevich - a travel photographer I have followed and learned from for quite some time. I really like his style and ability to capture the essence of the story his wants to portray in his shots. He offers some great tutorials on his website...always a bonus to learn from someone more proficient in any a given skill.

ANYWAY...the email was a brief lesson on getting hung up on the pursuit of technical picture perfection, to the point that we stop taking pictures. These simple words really struck a chord with me. I love technical information and always push myself to be better at something...but with so much technical details to remember and so many pieces of additional equipment available for taking "perfect pictures" I'd inadvertently developed a fear of taking ANY pictures; because at present, I don't have the skills or "all-the-gear" to take perfect pictures. I'm sure the irony in that hasn't gone unnoticed...

So, armed with a new philosophy, I'm aiming to take shots, following some basic concepts and guides of composition, light and shadows etc and see what comes out the other end...but mostly, enjoying the process of taking the bad photos, deleting them and trying again, hopefully, zeroing-in-on, the keeper!

...and that begins by taking shots of that which we see everyday; for me, that opportunity presents itself in my daily work-life. A chance to grab a shot or two with what ever camera device I have handy, phone or dslr, doesn't matter...when I get something I'll share it here in this section of my blog...

I hope you enjoy the ride...

black and white dutch angle

black and white dutch angle

sunrise catches up to the early risers

sunrise catches up to the early risers

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Benny Law 1 year ago

Great philosophy and attitude. Love #2.

1 year ago Edited