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Welcome to My Digital Eye - a personal look into a journey through photography, from complete novice to one day; a well informed, proficient photographer. 👍

My aim is to take all I've currently learned, and what I will learn; and create an extensive "go-to" page for all photographers interested in hints, tips and techniques to get better photographic results while show casing some of my own photography through my trails.
I'm also going to share with you what equipment I'm using and some of the process' I'm going to use in order to get the most out of what I have - which right now, is BUDGET gear!! 😁

I've not yet settled into a photographic niche; I am hugely enjoying learning about all types of photography and practising the skills I discover.

Personally, prior to my recent delve into the DSLR world, I hadn't used a camera properly since being introduced to film photography in high school at the age of 13, I'm now...middle 30's. 😳
I am a creative person by nature, painting and sketching always being present in my life; which has always kept my eye looking at things in a certain light - the real challenge for me now is trying to capture the "feeling" of something with an emotion inept, mechanical device. 😔

I hope you find value here and tell some friends about what you've found; and if you have experience in any areas I write about - all constructive criticisms and inputs are welcome!
Many thanks.


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