Off for a Walk...mama !!!!

by Old Monk March. 25, 2018 699 views
A long walk home...

A long walk home...

I don't know,whats going on! have you been through that feeling when you just breath,nothing else,Just breath and You do not know whats actually eating you,you are suppose to do something better but you got stuck at that one tiny hole and keep scratching it until it starts irritating you, you feel why it is here and what you are doing with it,you try to get rid of it but it keeps emerging. Oh Boy!

I think I should write something appropriate,something relevant to the picture but the thing is I don't even care,as nobody pay a shit about what I am writing,this society is just full of freaking stereotypes and I am not going to write just for their entertainment,they do not consider it appropriate then to hell with you phonies.

I have to go many miles but I do not know the direction,what they call it a way through labyrinth, labyrinth of thoughts.

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