Paroxysm of Innocence....

by Old Monk December. 22, 2018 745 views


cuteness level 200%

cuteness level 200%

My little snowball what you have just seen? you seems curious...

"ohhhh..that was nothing... I just, you know... nothing leave it" "by the way why are you looking at me like that" "is there something on my nose? I haven't took a bath today, its so called out here..Now don't look at me like that."

No its nothing on your nose my snowball,may be a little something but its not the reason I am looking at you, its actually your cuteness that captivated me, your paroxysm of innocence, ohhh my little fella you are the cutest thing happened to my today, your blue eyes they are just ethereal and your delicate white fur exquisite it is. My day was not going that good earlier as there was a lacuna but I believe by serendipity I stuck on you and you made my day,i'm feeling delighted now.

"Don't you amplify it, I know I'm a beautiful a bit but its exaggerating what you just said, I am just a little kitty wandering here and there, how am I suppose to make your day, how I can be noor of your eyes, how I can vanish your isolation."

My dear snowball, I'm not embroidering things, it is your charm that you are unaware of had taken all my lame thoughts, I was amid of a imbroglio, my thoughts were hassling with each other without a conclusion, at that time neurotransmission wasn't the only thing happening in my mind, it was a war kind of situation inside it, the irony is all the thoughts belonged to me and still they were contradicting each other, I guess that's why they use the phrase "fighting with oneself". I was in at the brink of cimmerian inside my mind but then you happened and I have got the light of elysian ease. John keats was right when he said "a thing of beauty is joy forever".

.......My dear bloggers and readers, in the hustle bustle of reaching the goals of life we have forgotten the most important part of it i.e. Journey. We are running after education, career , standards of life, money, entertainment and what not but nobody trying to sit for a while and enjoy the most important thing i.e. Moment. We are working hard and hard,sleepless and diligent just to get a relaxed future, means we are sacrificing today's sleep for the sake of someday's nap. We always use to be in a hurry, in a haste of completing the day's task we neither feel the vibes of the morning nor we behold the aura of the evening. We even don't know what we are tending to, We are staying away from home just to earn money for the ticket that will take us home. I mean whats this type of desideratum is all about.

I do not say that it is bad to be hardworking and passionate neither I say that being a responsible person is a crime, all I'm trying to say is " In this strive for a comfy life do not forget to Live the life"

"Another conversation with Nature......"

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