Feeling Good....!!!

by Old Monk February. 24, 2019 351 views
Love for Rose....

Love for Rose....

Every time I see you,

I get this feeling down my spine,

Wondering how you became mine,

and then I look up and thank God,

for what he's done,

knowing in my heart,

that you are the one,

Every time we touch,

It reminds me why I love you so much,

You mean world to me,

forever and ever,

I love being with you,

wherever and whenever,

Sometimes I sit there and cry,

and the time passes by,

just thoughts of you and me,

and how are life would be,

just knowing you by my side,

I will for sure survive,

and me wishing I could be your,

would make me the happiest person alive,

I truly love you

from the bottom of my heart,

I never want us to be apart

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