Towards Salvation...!!!!

by Old Monk March. 06, 2019 320 views


"Done with this society, the surroundings of morons,the killers,the merciless people, Society who snatch out my freedom, imposing cuffs and ropes of law a and order for the sack of its own in the name of its own and created by its own,feeding me so that I could work in its circus again according to its own management, letting me breath that I could act as puppet and praise its goodness. Society! a drill of fools,made me cripple. Society! voice of dictators, made me dumb. Society! a hideous and violent face under the mask of peace and love, to hell with you society, I don't need any of you.
First it hang you on a gibbet and then make you a God. if you try to speak against of it,at first it will punish you and then honor you to show "o lord! that's so great of society", then make those follies,standing in the crowd watching and listening but not acting, to believe that your thoughts were not contradiction to society but a reformation and then finally in the name of redemption and salvation it imposed a new so called reformed and better Society on us,Ruled by the same pack of atrocious people,ruling over the same herd of fools...."

Light and Shadow,Paradoxical but still lives together.. Grief and Pleasure,opposites yet Define Each other.. law of universe nothing is unnecessary or insignificant,everything has its own values and role.


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