Monday Theme....."SPEED"

by Tom September. 17, 2007 3837 views

Examples of Speed…..

Speed of a common snail, of a brisk walk, birds flying, Speed limit, cars on a road, horses running, bunnies hopping, birds swimming, boats sailing, ants crawling, waves crashing.

And Thats My Monday Theme of Speed!!

Autos Speeding Down The Highway

Horses Running Along a Beach

Ships Motoring Down the Columbia

A Bunny Hopping Back to the Bush

Auto Driving Over A Bridge

A Loon Surfing and Fishing in the Columbia

A Ship Drifting in the Columbia

Seagull Soaring above us all

Charter Boat Ripping Thru the Ocean

Water Crashing Over the Rocks

An Ant Zipping along the sand

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Tom 10 years ago

Thanks, Was a fun trip to take all those shots

10 years ago Edited
Pete 10 years ago

nice set. yes speed is relative

10 years ago Edited
Jan Eljapa 10 years ago

nice work, learned a new word aswell; "loon" i think we call it a Fuut..
Thanks for sharing!

10 years ago Edited
Storytaylor 10 years ago

terrific. well done

10 years ago Edited
Sherij 10 years ago

Very nice!! Love the boat just cookin thru the Ocean!! #1 looks like a fun road to ride my motorcycle on!!!! ;)

10 years ago Edited
Gary 10 years ago

Love this set.. all match the theme

10 years ago Edited
Dominique 10 years ago

une série qui fini bien!!! :-))

10 years ago Edited