Light a Candle

by Tom October. 09, 2007 4473 views

I light a candle for harmony and transformation
so that past regrets, disappointments and losses no longer consume me.

I light a candle for understanding and compassion for all of humankind
for those who love me and for those who do not.
I light a candle for healing and cleansing my mind, body and spirit
so that my past no longer hides the wondrous essence of who I am.

I light a candle for the insight to make wise decisions,
so that I can look to the future without regret.

I light a candle for the ability to confidently accomplish what is possible
and find the courage to accept whatever is beyond my control.

I light a candle for illumination to find my way through the darkness
and to light the way for others struggling in their own darkness.

I light a candle for all of my hopes, wishes and dreams
and my abiding faith in believing they will come true.

I light a candle for empowerment and kindness
so that my heart is filled with light, love and happiness.

I light a candle for determination and strength
so that I can proceed on my life??s journey
in harmony and happiness with hope and a peaceful heart.

Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS


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