Cathedral of the Madeleine

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Led by The Right Reverend Lawrence Scanlan, Salt Lake City's first bishop, construction on the cathedral on South Temple began in 1899 and was completed in 1909. Architects Carl Neuhausen and Bernard Mecklenburg combined a predominantly Romanesque exterior with a Gothic interior on the structure. A $9.7 million renovation begun in 1991 substantially enhanced and strengthened the structure. The renewed building was rededicated on February 21, 1993, and the cathedral is listed on both the Utah and national registers of historic places.

The Cathedral's Romanesque exterior, composed of Utah sandstone, remains substantially the same today as it was upon completion in 1909. Exceptions are the removal of the original stained glass windows in the sanctuary and the addition of a tympanum over the main doors.

Between 1975 and 1980, under the leadership of Joseph Lennox Federal, sixth Bishop of Salt Lake City, exterior renovations took place, including a new copper roof and work to restore and preserve the porous sandstone exterior from further erosion. The gargoyles were also replaced at that time.

One of the Bell Towers

Original Stained Glass Front

Organ Chamber Window

The result of seven years of labor, the tympanum above the main doors is the work of Francis Aretz of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Shipped in several pieces to Salt Lake City in 1917, the tympanum features the figure of Christ as High Priest, flanked by an angel on each side; and the Twelve Apostles, six standing and six kneeling, each with his appropriate symbol.

The four great Doctors of the Church, Saints Jerome, Ambrose, Gregory and Augustine, appear in the upper half of the work. The four Evangelists, Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John appear surrounding the arms of the central cross.

Ouside Staircase to the Entrance

Eight gargoyles look down from the 185-feet-high east and west towers. The gargoyles are primarily decorative, and do not serve as water spouts as do those on many of the cathedrals of Europe. The original gargoyles placed on the Cathedral in 1917 weathered and eroded to the extent that hey were nonexistent by 1930

In the 1975 restoration, eight new steel-reinforced gargoyles, weighing 1,200 pounds each, were placed on the Cathedral. Each gargoyle, made by University of Utah art student Peter Cole, represents a petrified combination of a bird, a dog and a cat.

One of the Copper Roofs

Enterance to the Chapel

The organ, which has 4,066 pipes, stands in a Gothic case designed to match the woodwork installed in the Comes interior of 1918. A notable element of the organ is the Fanfare Trumpet that extends from the front of the choir gallery.

The interior was created under the leadership of Joseph S. Glass, A man of strong artistic sensibility, the art and furnishings, inspired by the Spanish gothic art of the late Middle Ages

This is part of the ceiling and one of the stained glass windows

This is one of the ceiling panel sides

The stained glass windows Originally designed by F. X. Zettler of the House of Littler, Royal Bavarian Institute in Munich, Germany, and installed in 1908, the windows in the body of the Cathedral were completely rebuilt in 1992 by Rohlf Studios of New York.

At the back of the chancel in front of the screen is the bishop's chair or cathedra. This is the seat of the bishop and symbolizes his office presiding over the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Above the chair is the bishop's coat of arms. To the right and left of the bishop's chair are deacon stools and seating for concelebrating clergy. The presiding priest's chair is second from the west end of the screen.

The Angels above the Altar

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