When the Sun Goes Down.....

by Tom September. 06, 2008 4796 views


Every night
The horizon lights up
Swirls of pink and orange
Fading to blue and purple

Few bother to look anymore
At a blessing
That only comes once a day

Each sunset is different
No two exactly alike
Difference flows throughout
While it is the only similarity

Over the ocean
Or through the sky scrapers
Out on the prairie
Or in an apartment

You can still see a piece
A piece of something
Something never to return
A sunset

For the colors are shimmering
For a moment they stay
Only to disappear into change
Change just as beautiful as the last

This is why
No matter where you go
One thing remains the same,
A difference in sunsets

In your very own sunset

Jessica Millsaps


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Laura 8 years, 12 months ago


8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Rui Sousa 9 years ago

Fantastic shot! Almost like a painting!

9 years ago Edited
Smilingrainbow 9 years ago

its remaining glory is still awesome

9 years ago Edited
Cabecilha 9 years ago

this is a successful post! :)

9 years ago Edited
Pintã©R Orsi 9 years ago

I cannot find the words... Beautiful

9 years ago Edited
Thomaschu 9 years ago

Beautiful colors and composition !

9 years ago Edited
Shruti 9 years ago


9 years ago Edited
Mryum 9 years ago

Beautiful picture !!

9 years ago Edited
Oldbabe 9 years ago

I like your very own sunset...it's just beautiful. The colors are beautiful, it's framed beautifully. It's beautiful. I like the poem you put with it too. How true it is.

We have no sun to set here today ;-(

9 years ago Edited
Flowerstone 9 years ago

Beautiful colours!

9 years ago Edited
Mei-Ling 9 years ago

Oh, Tom, this is simply magical!

9 years ago Edited
Liz 9 years ago

Lovely sunset, great shot!

9 years ago Edited
Kimberly H 9 years ago


9 years ago Edited
Sk Tan 9 years ago

Nice colours!! The clouds looks a little weird to me..Haha

9 years ago Edited
Anka 9 years ago

Great colours! ^^

9 years ago Edited
Marco Stefano Vitiello 9 years ago


9 years ago Edited
Leocheung 9 years ago


9 years ago Edited
Miles 9 years ago


9 years ago Edited
Mike 9 years ago

Very nic

9 years ago Edited
**Wendy** 9 years ago

Oh my, the clouds and the color where do I begin. What a lovely moment you have captured, BRAVO!

9 years ago Edited
Walter 9 years ago

Wow! :-)

9 years ago Edited
Tonya 9 years ago

So beautiful!

9 years ago Edited
Cliff Schroer 9 years ago

Great sunset!! I don't always take the time to look at the sunset just like I don't stop and smell the roses as often as I should. Too busy weeding, deadheading, etc! ;)

9 years ago Edited
Jan Eljapa 9 years ago

Wow, great image.. Would expect somebody comming out of the clouds as in the bible, looks great.. mm this gives me some ideas:-)

9 years ago Edited
Fionarobinson 9 years ago

lovely colours, i like the upwards sunflair

9 years ago Edited
Pedro 9 years ago

Beautiful image... with a sky full of incredible colors!! And as a beautiful picture ... framed with the figure of the sheets of the trees :-)

9 years ago Edited
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