Left Out..................

by Tom September. 22, 2008 3375 views

These shots are the ones that never made the cut, so they were………“Left Out”…….. So I thought I would post a few assorted shots that don't really go together!!

Looking up from the Base

Half Moon in Daylight

Troll Island

Totem Pole

Bridge Anchor

Shouting out to the World in Goose Talk

Fire Inspection

Flying V

Stone Wall

Baby Goose

Looking Around

Once Again Harry

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Vas ÁDã¡M 8 years, 11 months ago

Nice set

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
Liz 8 years, 11 months ago

Well, I don't know why they were left out! Nice shots, love your moon, and of course Harry is adorable!

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
Camille 8 years, 11 months ago

love totem and "V" ... bravo

8 years, 11 months ago Edited
Roy 8 years, 12 months ago

very colorful set

8 years, 12 months ago Edited
Pintã©R Orsi 9 years ago

very very nice set!
#4 is great! :)

9 years ago Edited
Mike 9 years ago

Very cool shots!!

9 years ago Edited
Gillian 9 years ago

What a selection here! I love the birds in flight #8 and the day moon.

9 years ago Edited
Van 9 years ago

Thanks for the reply! I hope to learn a lot by looking at everyones photos!

9 years ago Edited
Dadlak 9 years ago

love the totem, Goose Talk and Harry - is he a Lhasa Apso?

9 years ago Edited
Leocheung 9 years ago

A nice set with so much interesting varieties.

9 years ago Edited
Van 9 years ago

What wonderful scenery! Wish we had that kind of stuff in my area.

9 years ago Edited
Oldbabe 9 years ago

Can't see why they were left out to begin with!!
(I like that pebble wall and it gave me some garden ideas)

9 years ago Edited
**Wendy** 9 years ago

Great set and lots of different things here in your set.

9 years ago Edited
Mertxe 9 years ago

genial, fantastic

9 years ago Edited
Dominique 9 years ago

the third one is my favorite, and Harry is so cute!!

9 years ago Edited
Tonya 9 years ago

Great set, love the one with the trees and then also the ones with the ducks!

9 years ago Edited
Flowerstone 9 years ago

Beautiful set!!
4# especially

9 years ago Edited
Fionarobinson 9 years ago

great set, i also have 'lefft out' shots, they look great toghether, i like the moon one.

9 years ago Edited
Marco Stefano Vitiello 9 years ago

[b]well done! :):):)[/b]

9 years ago Edited
Sojourner 9 years ago

#2 is excellente!

9 years ago Edited
Marko Komljenoviä‡ 9 years ago

Number 8 is interesting.It looks like birds are flying in a line,one after another,with a leader

9 years ago Edited
Walter 9 years ago

But it's a great set anyway... :-)

9 years ago Edited
Sherij 9 years ago

I was gonna say! You still have baby geese kind of late isn't it?
Then I read teh rest of your post. very cute Goose shouting to the world in Goose talk.

9 years ago Edited

Superbe série !! et Harry est trop mignon !!!

9 years ago Edited
Vterezia 9 years ago

excellent ,my friend!!!

9 years ago Edited
Jet28 9 years ago

Great variety!

9 years ago Edited
Lynda 9 years ago

Nice set. Love that gosling shot.

9 years ago Edited
Kilian 9 years ago

woods, moon, totem pole - fantastic pics. And the others too!! You've catched really great moments!

9 years ago Edited
Christelle 9 years ago

it's a beautiful "left out" post !!!
i love the perspective on the first one and #6 is very funny !!!

9 years ago Edited
Konrad 9 years ago

beautiful set. I like No 2

9 years ago Edited
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