River Park Explore....

by Thomas Thompson May. 22, 2021 155 views

Jovi and Myself, Still Are Without a Transport However We Decided Today We Were Not Going to Let That Stop Us From Exploring!! We Were Not Waiting For Any Calls So We Went Down to The River Park and Went for a Walk and Explored a Little, Plus Jovi Took a Couple of Soaks in the River..

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Antonio Gil 2 months ago

That's a wonderful park

2 months ago Edited
Thomas Thompson Replied to Antonio Gil 2 months ago

It really is and thats only about a quarter of it    Thanks my friend

2 months ago Edited
Yokai - 2 months ago

#3 has your unique perspective and tells a story.  Love it!!

2 months ago Edited
Thomas Thompson Replied to Yokai - 2 months ago

Yokai Thanks for your nice comment

2 months ago Edited
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