About My View Of Life


I love freezing time with my photos

I share a story about what matters the most to me.

A story about my love for my family a story about my love for nature.

The Gratitude for existing In and around all the endless beauty of Mother earths creations
Gratitude for life and my own creations.

A story that shows my passion for photography.
Even though I am far from being an expert and I dream about a pro camera one day
But I use what I got every time and now it is my phone. Huwai30

I want to leave something behind something I feel I am good at so here is a everlasting tale with photos from my view of life.

I hope you enjoy my sharing

I am a Icelandic woman who lives in Norway

Married my best friend
We have 3 children
2 teens and 1 baby 1 dog 3 cats and chickens.

We live in the countryside
On a half island north In Norway.


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