Lunar New Year (2)

by Nancy Andrea D January. 17, 2020 229 views

The Lion Dance is a traditional Chinese dance performed on big occasions especially during the Lunar New Year to bring prosperity and good luck for the New Year. It is also to create a festive mood and bring happiness.

The dance is a performance that mimicked a lion's behavior like shaking of the body, scratching and licking the fur.

There are two performers for the dance: the front performer carries the over-sized head and is the front legs; the second performer is the back and hind legs of the lion. The pants of the performers legs are in the same color of the lion and their shoes, the shape and color of the lion's paws.

As for the music, the performers are accompanied by beating drum and clashing cymbals. They are very very loud and because I was very close to the musicians, I felt my heart beating at the same rhythm to the drum.

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