Vézelay 2

by Nancy Andrea D November. 03, 2020 320 views

At this moment in France, we are in our second lockdown. The photos of Vézelay were shot yes, during Covid-19 but during the time where we could still move about and wearing our mask.

Walking around the village, I saw this abandoned house - but the gate was padlocked. Does this house belongs to a descendant so still a private property or does it belongs to the village? I don't know but it must have looked quite handsome in its heydays.

Everything was closed - Covid-19 and off (tourist) season. There were a few tourists and of course the residents themselves. Otherwise it was quite quiet.

"La Maison des Colomb". I spent a crazy time in post processing this photo as the house was on a slope and the pipes were in the way, etc etc. I am sure that I was not careful to position myself correctly to shoot this photo. The worst error was that I was positively sure that I had shot this house with the well - a historic monument - BUT there was ZERO photo of that in the camera!!

Anyway, the façade of this 16th century house is leaning against a tower. A family's motto was inscribed in Latin in the arcades of the windows -

« comme colombe humble et simple serai et à mon nom mes mœurs conformeraient » (French)

A rough translation in English - « as a humble and simple dove will be and to my name my manners would conform ».

I do not know if it is a private property or an art-and-craft shop that was closed during lunch-time.

The relic bell / clock tower of St Pierre, built around 1152.

February 26, 1587 - its vault crumbled.

1633 - a bell was placed in the bell tower.

1688 - the clock took its place in the bell tower.

1804 the church was destroyed and the bell tower was restored in 1841.

Present day - the place around the relic is a carpark.

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