Ghibli Museum

by Naranatsuo June. 18, 2010 2492 views

At the Studio Ghibli Museum. No photos of the inside were allowed :( but here is what I've got from the outside. First pic is my sister with one of the signs along the way to the museum. I'm posing with my brother and sister with the robot from Castle in the Sky on the roof of the museum. There is also Totoro in a window of the building. I also got pics of the cafe, 麦のぼし (mugi no boshi) which means “The Straw Hat” attached to the museum. Good food, but a very long wait. The inside of the museum was absolutely amazing. They basically show you a lot of the process of making an anime, along with different 3D exhibits that utilize strobe lights and moving parts to simulate holograms of a sort. Its hard to explain, but it was absolutely amazing. I really wish that I could have taken pictures! There was also one short movie that they showed that hasn't been released to the public. There are about seven in total I think, but they only show one per day… So I guess that gives people more motivation to come back later. I forgot the title, but it was about elementary school students going on some sort of “imaginary whaling trip” as my brother calls it.

My sister posing with one of the signs along the way to the museum.

Me, my sister, and my brother with the robot from Castle in the Sky. He's on the roof of the museum

The Menu

And a peek inside

The Straw Hat Cafe

Hey Mr. Totoro!

Robot chillin on the roof

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