Osaka, Bunraku, and New Friends

by Naranatsuo June. 20, 2010 1696 views

Took the Yamanote line Ikebukuro to Tokyo Station, and from there took the Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka… then after some more trains, and some wandering around, we found our hotel, Lions Rock at Shinsaibashi. From there, we went off to see a Bunraku concert. Its basically a traditional Japanese puppet show. It was a pretty fun and interesting, but of course we weren't allowed to take pictures. However, I did manage to get one from the museum before I got yelled at. haha. After we got back, my brother Stephen and I then went to a yakitori restaurant where we just are served different slices of meat and we get to grill it ourselves. Two other men sat next to us and offered us some of their food to try and suggested things for us to order. Their names were Ichiro and Tomo. After dinner, they asked if we wanted to go drinking with them. We went to a bar that their friend from their highschool days owns. His nickname was Mr. Popo (from Dragon Ball). To top it all off, they insisted on paying for us, even through all of our protests. It was an overall very fun experience.

Walking on the streets of Shinsaibashi

famous running glico man

panorama of the National Bunraku Theater…. The frames didn't quite line up right… but good enough I guess. The narrators come out onto the small stage on the right. Its basically a door that rotates like a trap door.

The picture I took in the museum before an employee came by forming her arms into a large X. haha

The Yakiniku restaurant. Very lively! You basically have to loudly shout what you wanna order to them. It was kind of hard at first, but it is really fun once you get into it.


Mr. Popo… and Mr Popo on the far left. Also, notice a resemblance between the robot head next to the Predator head and the robot on the Ghibli museum roof? We also saw a guy in a 7/11 with a tattoo of the same robot.

Ichiro and Stephen

Me, Ichiro, and Tomo

Apparently Mr. Popo is a masked wrestling champion as well.

A cool toothpick dispenser at the bar

My brother added a US dollar to the wall above the door of the bar. You hang them upside down so that money “rains down” on those who pass under it.

Picture with one of the hotel staff at the end of the night

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