Ryokan and Farewell

by Naranatsuo June. 25, 2010 1505 views

Went all the way from Fukuoka to Mitake (In Tokyo). It took about 9 hours all together to find our ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel). We were on a strict timline as the cable car to get up the mountain stops at 5:00pm… meaning if we missed it we would be without a hotel for the night. The trip included two bullet trains, and 4 local trains… and an express train by mistake which set us back a bit ^.^
The ryokan was set in a small mountain village, and was actually somewhat hard to find. Luckily the townspeople were nice and helped us out. I was of course carrying all of my luggage for the next month so I was very tired by the time we got there. The name of the place was Kodomari Sanso, for anyone who is curious. It is a nice place… but could use a bit of spring cleaning if you ask me. A couple owns the place, and the wife cooks dinner. It was really quite a display. There were many small dishes and they were all very delicious. There is one public bath, but after 8:00 you can use it privately if you are concerned about that. Haha. It was very large and has a large oak bath with jets. The experience was very relaxing. The beds of course were traditional futons on tatami floor. The view from our room was also pretty great.
The next morning, my siblings and I headed out for Narita airport so I could help them check in and say our farewells for the summer.

Cable car up the mountain. We made it in time!!!

Mountain village. This included a few very steep grades.

So tiredddddd.

Our room. Nice view eh? You don't see too much nature in Japan when you are always in the city.

My brother somehow still had energy by the time we got up the mountain, so he went out exploring while my sister and I relaxed… So I can't really tell you anything about these next pics…

Our breakfast. Japanese style ^.^

Dinner! Very good presentation. A few more bowls were brought out after this as well… along with a large bottle of Asahi for my brother and me to share.

The dining room.

Byeeeee! See you September 10th!

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