Nara Homestay

by Naranatsuo June. 29, 2010 1814 views

Finally got to my homestay in Nara. I did stay for a day in Hachioji (Tokyo) with a nice family, but I'll have posts for them later in the summer when I stay with them for another week. I'll be staying with the Cox family on and off until August 18th. Carl is a missionary from Long beach who married Shizuno in Japan. They also have two sons who are attending college in the US, but didn't return home for the summer this year. They are a very nice and loving family. The next day after my arrival, Shizuno-san brought me to her bible school in Ikoma. While she was studying, I went out exploring with one of the other students daughters, Izumi, who is about the same age as me. We visted Hozan-ji, which is where a lot of people go mainly to pray for business success. It is unlike any other shrine I have seen in Japan. This one is made up of many many small shrines, each with a different purpose. Also if you don't enjoy climbing a lot of stairs (and I mean a lot) don't come here. haha. We ended the day at a small coffee shop and lunch with the bible school.

My home in Oji, Nara ^.^
My room is on the second floor all the way on the left.

Steps leading to Hozan-ji

At the base of Hozan-ji. Apparently they have some sort of drive-thru shrine set up here. haha

More steps. The writing on the stones are names of big donors.

The main part of the shrine. More steps to follow. yaaaay

Each of these statues are for praying for different things from a child's good health, to luck in your love life. Many people just walk along and drop a one yen coin for each statue. hahaha

Upper level of Hozan-ji

The gods like their booze I guess

View from the coffee shop.

The name of this coffee translates to iced forest coffee. It tasted… earthy. haha. It was actually pretty good tho. The guy who runs the coffee shop had really long dreads too. First time I've seen those on a Japanese guy.

Izumi-chan. Thanks for showing me around!

Lunch at the worship school. This is Ken-san. Really cool guy. He was really interested in my thoughts about the differences between American and Japanese people.

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