Osaka Castle and Nanba

by Naranatsuo July. 03, 2010 7444 views

I went to Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) today with my friends from church, Shion-chan and Naoya-kun. Shion studied abroad in Canada for one year and Naoya is still studying on the east coast… but they pretty much stuck to Japanese today :D From Osakajokoen Station, we walked through the castle park and… kinda random but… we saw a beaver in the moat. haha. Kind of surprised. At the base of the castle, we were lucky enough to find a volunteer tour guide, Ookawa-san. He showed us around the grounds while explaining the history of the castle. After that, we entered, but as usual, no pictures were allowed from the inside. The top of the castle is an observation deck while the inside has been converted to a museum and doesn't actually resemble the inside of a traditional Japanese castle. After we left, we headed further into Osaka and walked through Korea town. This area is full of kimchi and yakiniku restaurants. We ended up in Nanba where the Glico man is and went to an Izakaya for dinner. My friends convinced me to have horse sashimi there. mmmmmmm… delicious (yes really). Lastly, we went to a store called Don Quixote which is at least six storeys and just has… everything. Food, clothes, party supplies, shoes, appliances, luxury accessories… just a big mash up of really cheap cool stuff.

A model of Osaka-jo and Osaka-jo Park at the Osakajokoen Station.

Kitteh!! =^.^=

Here is the beaver that was in the moat.

Osaka-jo from a distance.

Shion-chan, me and our volunteer guide Ookawa-san.

We thought it was a big rock. All of these were brought here by manpower alone… don't ask how, I'm not sure. haha.

The spot where Hideyori Toyotomi and his mother Yodo-Dono committed suicide.

These things are kind of irresistible I guess.

Ookawa-san showed us this spot. Its really out of the way where nobody would look, and is the best spot to take a picture of Osaka Castle.

This one is a little bigger I think. Haha.

A couple performing a ceremony before they get married. Tourists were flocking over to take pictures with them.

View from the top.

Korea town

Nanba. Our izakaya was on the third floor on the left.


Horse. Three different cuts. All delicious ^.^

Plastic food never looked so good.

Don Quixote.

The Glico man. Unfortunately our picture was taken when the lights were turned off.

How its supposed to look. Haha

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