Uji (Kyoto)

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I arrived at the Wakai residence on Friday the 9th and stayed until Monday. They are a couple with two daughters who are both married and have children of their own, however I only really got to meet one of the daughters. Her name is Miyo-chan and is married to Sada-kun, and they have a baby boy named Mik-kun. They live in a very nice house with four tatami rooms. Usually houses in Japan only have one. Mrs. Wakai is a very good cook and always had an amazing spread of food for dinner.
For one day, Sada-kun took me out to Kyoto to see Ginkakuji (I had already seen the golden shrine so I supposed I should see the silver one too. Haha) Yasaka Jinja, and Kiyomizudera. They also had hanabi (fireworks) to play with that night. The next day we went to church, and afterwards went to Mimurotoji, Byodoin, and walked along the top of Amagasegawa Dam.

My host family's house. I could have sworn I took a picture of the house, but I can't find it… so I stole this off of Google Maps. ^.^

My room. Rockin the tatami. Its so nice to sleep on a tatami floor in the summer. Its so cool.

First nights dinner. We made hand sushi rolls. Various sashimi, vegetables, eggs, dressings, etc. Really an amazing assortment.

One of my creations.

I introduced a jaw breaker to Japan, and this is the result. haha. Sada-kun is hilarious.

The sand display at Ginkakuji. I'm not sure how they get the sides so clean… it looks like cement. Maybe they are lying about something. Haha.

That is the shrine on the left. This was taken after walking up the side of a hill a bit.

Yasaka Jinja

Inside the grounds of the shrine. They apparently light up all of the lamps in the middle building at night. They all display sponsor names.

The gate to Kiyomizudera.

Fountain seen from above.

Me next to Sada-kun. Kiyomizudera in the background.

Dinner day two. Salad, Korokke, sushi, and other side dishes.

Hanabi! From left to right: Mr. Wakai, Me, Miyo-chan, and Sada-kun holding Mik-kun. Notice anything about Sada-kun?

He was so hot that day that he shaved his head when he got home. HAHA

Mimurotoji… of course this is Japan, which means you're going to have to climb stairs if you wanna see anything…… meh

The temple itself surrounded by lotus.

There was light rain today, and you can see that the water just sort of floats on top of the leaves. when the leaves gather enough water, the water pours out onto leaves below and sort of cascades down. Really cool.

Hydrangeas everywhere on the lower level of the grounds.

Checked out Byodoin. Its the temple that's on the 10 yen coin. There is also a spectacular museum next to it which contains a lot of the original sculptures that were in the temple.

Went out for some desert. I ordered some kakigori… but it ended up being huuuuge. haha. Delicious

Amagasegawa dam.

Last night's dinner. Okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Mmmmmm.
Thanks for hosting me Wakai Family!!

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