Tea Ceremony

by Naranatsuo July. 13, 2010 3161 views

Did a tea ceremony today with a tea ceremony teacher that goes to the local church in Nara. Very relaxing… and painful experience (you have to sit on your feet the entire time). I got to wear my yukata that I bought in Nara a few days prior as well ^.^

You cleanse your hands outside before entering the tea ceremony room… of course it was raining. haha

You pour water over both hands and then wash your mouth as well.

Lastly you pour water back down the handle to cleanse that as well after you are finished.

Entering the room.

Receiving an explanation of the calligraphy and the flower arrangement.

We also admire the tea kettle.

Sweets served before drinking tea. There is a special way to handle everything in a tea ceremony. For this, the bowl was placed on the next tatami mat in front of you (across the black line).

The candy itself I believe was supposed to represent fireflies. It had gold leaf on one end of the bean that was placed on top.

Drinking the tea. You have to turn the bowl twice before drinking

Looking for the makers seal and observing the bowl afterwards.

Observing the little pot that holds the tea.

And the spoon used to scoop the tea out of the pot.

Candy for the second round.

As you can see, the colors have the effect of separating the candy into long strips. This is supposed to represent the strips of paper that people write their wishes on during Tanabata festival.

I got to try making tea as well. Unfortunately my camera ran out of space about here and so the pictures stop. There is a lot of rules for making the tea as well. Cleaning the bowl, putting water into the bowl, scooping the tea, mixing the tea… Everything has to be done in a very specific way. My first bowl didn't turn out very well but……

My second one was great! Turned out very creamy unlike the first. ^.^ Its very difficult to get the hand motion correct to get this effect.

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