Kurashiki, Pottery/Bonsai, and Okayama Saidai-ji

by Naranatsuo July. 20, 2010 4081 views

Mami-chan took me to Kurashiki which is a sort of town set in a traditional Japanese style. The main stop on this trip was the Ohara Museum which was founded in 1930 and houses European works that Torajiro Kojima collected. Torajiro mainly focused on works by El Greco, Gauguin, Monet, and Matisse, however there is also a collection of Asian art as well, along with other buildings housing Japanese works. Its a very large place, and filled with many interesting works… of course, as always, no photography was permitted. Afterwards, we checked out the shops around the area and had some kakigori at the end.

The next day, Mrs. Yoshinaga took me out to make some pottery. The setting was a rural pottery studio/bonsai tree nursery. I ended up creating a sort of leaf plate along with a…. maybe it was a candy dish of some sort. Haha. However, the leaf turned out well, so I'll post a picture of that. At this point it hasn't been lacquered or placed in the kiln, so it is still just brown clay. The bonsai were really amazing as well. The look like giant trees up close but in reality are about at most two feet tall.

Lastly, I went out to see Saidai-ji in Okyama. This is the temple where the Hadaka Matsuri (naked festival) is held every winter. These festivals are held throughout Japan every year, however this is the most famous spot…. I'll let you google it if you really want more information. Anyways, the temple was made up of a pagoda, along with the main building. There was also a large gate where freezing water is poured onto the people below during the festival. Interesting enough, there are bleachers around the main grounds… HAHA.

Forgot to add this picture to the last post, but we took this picture on my last night at the Yoshinaga houshold. from left to right, Mami-chan, Mr. Yoshinaga, me, Yuzuru-kun, Mrs. Yoshinaga, Yoshiya-kun, and Hatsuho-chan. I'm so tall in Japan! Even when I'm sitting……

The beginning of Kurashiki.

Ohara Museum

Mami-chan and lilly pond

River running through Kurashiki with some people riding a gondola.

Mami-chan and Kakigori. She said that it was her first time trying the orange flavor.

Example of my host mom's cooking. Tempura, miso soup, and rice today. mmmmmmm.

My leaf. I want to make it into a shallow planter. Maybe grow some moss and a small plant.

Giant tree.

Not really :P

The pottery studio on the left and the bonsai nursery on the right. There is a lot more to the nursery that isn't in this picture.


The bleachers. ^.^

YEAAAA!!! HADAKA MATSURI!!! Lets gooooo!!!

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