Iga Ninja Castle

by Naranatsuo July. 26, 2010 1854 views

Got off the train from Okayama and was rushed off to the Iga Ninja Castle by my host parents. Sara-san led me and Bethany (missionary from Montana) around the castle and museum. We also got to see a show which demonstrated how to use different ninja weapons and tools.

In front of the Ninja Castle.

Castle moat. Very very long fall down -.-;

Me and Bethany

There are about 10 traps/hidden doors in this room

Bethany and one of the people who demonstrated all of the tricks and traps of the room behind.

Different attire of the ninja


Sara-san trying on one of the training vests. Very heavy.

The room behind us is actually about two feet in length.

Throwing star demonstration

The result. (all thrown at the same time.



We got to throw ninja stars afterwards… results weren't quite as good as the pros. haha

Inside the castle. The ears are actually to help the person hear specific people in a large audience.

Climbing the stairs to the top

View of the city from the top of the castle

There was some student calligraphy displayed on the first floor, and this one I liked the best. Most people stick to the usual “dream” or “love” characters, but this person wrote “arigatoutte… ii kimochi” which sorta translates to “they said thank you… what a great feeling”

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