Osaka, a bit of Kobe, and some misc

by Naranatsuo July. 30, 2010 2158 views

Went to a new homestay this weekend in Osaka. They took me out to ride the Hep5 ferris wheel, the Osaka Aquarium, and the Suntory Museum. It was a family of four. Mr. and Mrs. Shozu, their daughter Sayaka (20) who is a college student and works at Mos Burger, and their son Shintaro (17) who is in high school and is on the swim team.

My host family in Osaka

The church is on floors 1-3, then their apartment is on the 4th floor.

View from the Hep5 Ferris Wheel. You can see the Umeda sky building in the middle.

Sayaka-chan and Shintaro-kun. Each car of the Hep5 is air conditioned, and has a speaker that you can plug your music player into… so I played some Daft Punk. Fun stuff.

Osaka Aquarium

I'm not gunna try to name all the fish that I took pictures of… so just look and enjoy ^.^

Suntory museum across the street

Mos Burger. Called the Tobikiri Burger. Means “superb burger” but I think there was a bit of false advertising involved here…

The bathroom at the Aeon Mall… from left to right: Men's, Family, Children's, and Women's bathroom… yes, four kinds.

These photo booths , Purikura, are very very popular in Japan… but kinda creepy. They automatically enlarge your eyes… so on Asians it might not looks so weird (although I think it is unnecessary) but on me, it just made me look like an alien… kinda creepy.

Advertisement for a photo booth… this country is waaaay to obsessed over their eyes. The color of they eyes in this pic cycle through all the colors… really bad when it gets to red. :-/

Me with “rirakuman”… although he may be known by another name elsewhere. haha.

My friend Ruri and I in a coffee shop in Kobe. We went kayaking that day, but of course I didn't bring my camera in a boat that is prone to tip over, which one of my friends did. Good stuff. haha

Ham sushi… raw ham sushi. mmmmmm.

The plates for the people who sat across from us at a rotating sushi place. Two people, with about 50 plates total

Instructions for washing hands at McDonald's. I think I'll stick to good old number 1 and 8.

Lastly an all you can eat Shabu Shabu place at the Aeon Mall. Sooooo good. So much food.

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