Ichiro Part 2

by Naranatsuo August. 02, 2010 2376 views

Went out with Ichiro-san again today and he brought along his friend Chihiro-san. We went to a Spanish restaurant where I got to inform the staff that “bucket” is not quite the correct spelling for a type of French bread. haha. Afterwards, we went to another small place were we drank a few beers and I got to try a ginger/sake drink. There was a bunch of ginger in it and towards the bottom it got pretty strong, but otherwise pretty good. I also gave Ichiro-san a bar of American chocolate that had chipotle, salt, and popping candy mixed in that he shared with the rest of the people in the restaurant.
Last, we went over to Popo-san's bar from before and drank a bit more. A guy named Ikechu-san also came in and sat next to me. Kinda a weird guy, as you can see by the pictures, but he was also pretty cool and actually gave me his fan as a present. After that, Ichiro-san, Chihiro-san, and I said our goodbyes and exchanged information so that one day we might meet up again maybe in America.

Picture with everyone in the place after the Spanish restaurant.

Take 2 with Chihiro-san

My ginger drink… with heart mixer.

Ichiro-san, me and staff.

At Popo's place. Ikechu-san in the back.

Yes… kinda weird. Haha

Ichiro-san kinda has a thing for having random people take pictures of us. This was at a supermarket on the way to the train station.

Ticket master taking our pic at the ticket gate.

Ikechu-san's fan.

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