Miwa-san and Arashiyama

by Naranatsuo August. 03, 2010 3696 views

Went to Arashiyama, Kyoto with a friend of my host family, Miwa-san. She has two children that are the same age as Paul and Joshuah, the sons of my host parents. Miwa-san grew up in Arashiyama, so she was an especially good guide. We started out by climbing up a mountain to see the native monkeys. Next we took a gondola ride in the Ooi river. After that we went to a restaurant that specializes in tofu. Really nice resturant. The waitresses walk behind the bar on tatami mats with wood block prints behind them. The food was a very Japanese style with many different small portions. This included a sort of ball of cucumber that was very finely cubed with small purple flowers on top laid in a cucumber puree, another main part was tofu on ice with a cube of spicy wasabi mustard in the center which we dipped into soy sauce. They also brought out tempura vegetables, and ended with a tofu desert with a drop of blueberry sauce on the top. After the restaurant, we went to tenryuu-ji, the temple of the heavenly dragon. Very beautiful with a great garden on the grounds. Lastly, we walked along a bamboo grove to get to an old fashioned train that took us along a scenic route from Arashiyama to Kameoka. Overall a very great day ^.^

Beginning of the long walk up the mountain to get to the monkeys.

First monkey spotted! By the way, Kyoto is in a kind of bowl surrounded by mountains, making it very hot… you can see the result. haha.

Again, very hot.

Feeding the monkeys!

Panorama from the top of the mountain viewing Kyoto below.

On the gondola. It took us all along the river. It was nice and cool on top of the water. Very refreshing. Also, the boat was lined with nice tatami mats.

Very clear water. They actually have shows at night where a bird will catch a fish, someone will take the fish from the bird, and cook it up for you all on a boat.


This is a sort of snack boat. It pulls up next to your boat and they connect them together. You can then buy food from your own boat. They have a grill where they cook right in front of you. Smelled very good as it passed by us… however we managed to resist.

Tofu restaurant. Wood block prints in the background.



A sort of candied fish. You just eat it whole. Really good stuff.

Desert. Also very good!

Restaurant from the outside.


Really stunning garden eh?

Bamboo walkway to the train.

The train. The engine was in the back going this direction.

Great views!

Some rafters waving hello. ^.^

Some sort of guy dressed up as a demon on the train.

Thanks for a great day Miwa-san!

Oh, by the way, she was pretty great at speaking english and did a great job practicing with me.

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