Family Friend: Kikkawa-san (in Matsue)

by Naranatsuo August. 10, 2010 2456 views

So I hopped on a bullet train today and headed down to Matsue to visit a family friend, Kikkawa-san for a few days. During this time, I visited Matsue Castle, a local technology college, looked at Adachi garden/museum (which has been voted as Japan's best garden for the past seven years), saw Kikkawa-san's family, went to the Gegege museum, saw Yusheien (which I actually liked better than Adachi), and lastly visited Gessho-ji temple.

Matsue Castle. Again, why do such beautiful days have to be so miserably hot??

Samurai helmets inside the castle.


Samurai armor.

Model of the castle and surrounding buildings.

View of Matsue from the top of the castle.

Kikkawa-san and me in front of the castle.

Adachi garden. There is also a spectacular museum alongside the garden which houses many traditional Japanese paintings. It is probably different each time you go as they switch the pictures out every once in a while.

Kikkawa-san took me to this little place that is known as the end of the world or where the world of the living and the world of the dead meet.

Kikkawa-san's family. Wife, two daughters, son-in-law, and grandchildren. They were visiting during the Obon season.

Kikkawa-san's own garden.

We had yaki-niku for dinner. Very very high grade beef. Quite delicious.

On the way to the Gegege museum. The museum houses the history of a popular manga in Japan which focuses on monsters. This is a picture of an eyeball fountain, where the eye rotates freely on water.

Statues lined the side walk on the way to the museum. They were all characters from the manga.

What seems to be the main character of the manga. His eyeball actually has arms and legs and can pop out whenever….. yea….

Some traditional wood block prints altered to include characters from the manga.

The front of the museum.


We had a traditional Japanese meal with a panoramic view of the garden.

Gessho-ji temple.

We enjoyed green tea and Japanese sweets overlooking this garden. The maple trees are showing fall colors for some reason… dunno, but it was pretty.

The tea and candy.

Thanks for showing me around Kikkawa-san!!

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