Good Bye Nara, Hello Hachioji

by Naranatsuo August. 18, 2010 2404 views

So, I packed up all of my things from my homestay in nara and headed out to Hachioji, which is in Tokyo. I have stayed in Nara in total over a month, so I had really settled in and didn't really want to leave, but my summer is starting to come to a close, and I must move on to my last few homestays. I had kaitenzushi (rotating sushi) with my host mom and my friend Masahito-kun, and packed up all of my belongings and hopped on a yako bus (night bus) for Tokyo. **To any people travelling to Japan** If you cannot pass through Japanese doorways, you are probably too big to comfortably travel on the night bus. haha.

So, my new family for the next three days was the Murai family. Mom, dad, Yuri-chan (daughter 3) and Shin-chan (son 5). We visited the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum on the first day

Kaitenzushi….. mmmmmmmmmm


Mango ice cream dessert

End result

Took one last trip to the Diamond City Aeon Mall. This is a pic of the Ghibli Store.

Good bye Shizuno and Carl Cox.

In Hachioji now. My new host family. Yuri-chan, Dad, and Shin-chan.

Mom and Yuri-chan again. She wasn't in the picture taking mood. haha

Hachioji ramen. Famous for their use of onions. So goooooood.

In front of the Open Air Museum

Bath house

Inside the bath house. Relatively very small compared to the ones Ive been to. Nice Mural

Copper plating was popular at the time. Gives a nice effect.

These are dents in the front of the building in the previous picture caused by bomb shrapnel during WWII.

Model of the building

I really like this copper style. Looks cool.

Model of how to make an umbrella. Its actually pretty intensive.


Nice garden.

Old style farm house.

This is the bath house from earlier that inspired Miyazaki for his movie Spirited Away and one of the movie characters.

This train was also in the movie. And that is Miyazaki himself.

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