Sendai Part 1: Zuihoden, and Elementary School

by Naranatsuo August. 23, 2010 3483 views

So, I just arrived in Sendai which is a few hours north of Tokyo by bullet train, but my host family was actually in a rural area of Sendai which is about an hour by the local train or bus from the city.
They are the Kanaya family, with the Dad, Mom, Grandmother, older sister Yuki (third year high school), middle sister Hikari (second year middle school) and youngest sister Aiki (first year middle school). By the way, in Japan there are three years for both Jr. High and High School, unlike the 2 and 4 year system of the US. Very nice family, and very fun to be around.
I settled in and then took a trip out to Sendai to go exploring. I picked three things to do. Visit Zuihoden which is the tomb of the first feudal lord of Sendai, see the Mediatheque building, and see the shopping arcades of Sendai.
The next day, I went to an elementary school and got to have a glimpse of the every day lives of the teachers and children.

The Kanaya family. From left to right: Hikari, Mom, Aiki, Yuki, and Dad.

Their house.

Now back tracking a little bit to the train station. This is what your standard bullet train platform looks like….. basically never ending. haha.

My train, like this one, was actually two trains connected together which makes it even longer than usual. I took a video of my train arriving. Check it out. []

After climbing a steep hill to get to Zuihoden, I'm met with a flight of stairs…. gotta love all of the stairs in Japan.

The gate for the tomb. Its actually not the original, as it was destroyed during the air raids of WWII, but this is based very closely on the original and a lot of detail was put into it.

Very delicate carvings.

Some of the original pieces.

Zuihoden itself.

I found out that that blue name plate in the middle costs tens of thousands of dollars to produce. I don't remember what the blue part was made from, but the white part is made from pearl I believe.

Smaller tombs of his successors.

View from the top of the hill you have to climb to get here.

Heh, yea… In America we have pop up trailers, however in Japan, they even have pop up toilets apparently.

The Mediatheque building. Basically a cafe/library/art gallery/multipurpose area. the whole building is basically made out of glass.

Kimchi ramen.

Now at the elementary school. The kids are lining up for the ceremony that starts the new semester.

Straight lines. Impressive.

Oh wait what?? They got elementary students to stand at parade rest??? They even all bow on command. Weeeiiiirrrdddddd…

Students giving presentations about their summer vacations.


Cafeteria lunch… doesn't look too good, but the taste was alright. haha

Teachers office.

And back at home base for some good food. mmmmm. My host mom was a really good cook.

And some grilled meat to go with it. ^.^

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