Hushhhh... Listen to the silence of the Trails!

by Monali Narke November. 26, 2016 1515 views

I lie to myself when i say i love the silence..

It is actually the infinite, delicate  cacophonies that do not seem unpleasant, 

that we can in tune to .. when we are silent... the funneling wind through the trees , the creaking barks..

the crickets and more..

I feel blessed the human ears are sensitive to intercept them..

To blast them with Metallica is such a ..waste!


Hush.. listen to the sounds of silence!

a winding path

The Trail

Awesome trail

The Enchanting Trails

"The trail seem to be the thing and not its end to fast  and you'll miss all that your travelling for."

-Louis L'amour

Gems in the wild!

Gems in the wild

"Let us take the time to notice the small wonders.. T hoes who  do not draw attention to them selves."

-John O'Donahue

Solivagant - the lone wanderer

Have you wandered through a thick forest where the sun tries.. but fails miserably to bore holes in the fog?.. To foresee a few feet of future..pure bliss.

Happy Flower

"It is some what  like a paradox.. we human beings are.. 

unlike nature where  things can be either happy and alive 

or dead and sad..

We can be  seem to be whole.. yet can be broken inside

at the same time!" - C Joybell. C


Ironically..the the Autumn scenes Seem so beautiful,

despite the fact that every thing is dying..

defying law of perishing..

Beauty in-spite of Death.

Lots of wild flowers


My thoughts are scattered like the Stars

the one's  that cannot be drawn into constellations.

may seem to some...

as rumblings of a solivagant .

All snaps are from the trails I took in the north, northeast  parts of India.


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