Wayang Golek

by Lissa January. 16, 2008 19206 views

These puppets were a wedding gift from our dear friends, the same ones who gave us the beautiful pony [photoblog.com] from Taiwan. They are puppets from Indonesia called wayang golek [en.wikipedia.org]. A very interesting history of Indonesian puppet theater can be read here [en.wikipedia.org].

Our friends have collected several puppets during their trips to Indonesia, and I have always admired them. We were thrilled to receive these, and will always treasure them.

Samiaji and Drupadi

This is Samiaji. He is also called Raden Yudistira or Darmakusumah. He is the king of Amartapura and the oldest of five brothers ‘Pendawa Lima’. He was a very patient king and was never angry; he never told a lie. Having these characteristics, in the world of the wayang he said to have ‘white blood’. His famous charm is the ‘layang kalimusada’ which has power to keep enemies away and to save himself. Samiaj is a symbol of honesty and patience.

Drupadi is Samiaji's wife, a woman with a strong personality. In the story she was once at a state celebration and was embarrassed by Dursasana, a king from Astina, who loosened the knot of her hair. She then swore that she would never wear her hair in a knot again until she first washed her hair with Dursasana's blood. Her desire was fulfilled in the Bratayuda war after Dursasana had been killed by Bima. She symbolizes a woman of strong personality.

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Lorina Lynn 9 years, 9 months ago

They're gorgeous! The detail in incredible.

9 years, 9 months ago Edited
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