when in Roma...

by Laura February. 25, 2008 1640 views

Rome is, by far, my favorite place in Italy. Sure, it's more than packed with tourists, but at least there is a metro system and lots of stuff to see. And ruins. I really like ruins.
The first day we went to a lot of catacombs, where they don't allow pictures. So I don't have anything from there, but after that… there are a lot.

Carter's feet (I think…) going into the catacombe di Priscilla.

yeah trevi fountain!

The map hall was positively beautiful. This was before everyone got there. Later, there were guards pushing everyone through and forbidding photography. We chose the day when the Vatican was free to go - student cheapness leads to long lines and huge groups of peregrini (pilgrims).

God has a pretty sweet house. It's cold though. I wonder if God turns up the radiators at night.
Saint Peter also has a pretty sweet tomb. I want my tomb to look like this, and I want millions of people to visit it and try to steal parts of my body and take them to their towns to use as tourist attractions.

The television antennae fascinated me.

More Fountain! Miraculous shot with no tourists visible in it. Bernini was pretty baller.

Me, looking retarded as always. But people want pictures of me. Here you go.

A very bad name for a shoe store.

You have your baroque duomo and campanile… and your legit ancient Egyptian obelisk.

Roma = amazing. There are no other words.


Dog parking, Michelle?

The Arch of So and So. I think this one was Septimus Severus. Or Domitian. Definitely not Constantine, though.

Sunny grass time!

I think there's something about being from California that compels us to make daisy chains. Alison developed a special daisy chain construction technique, but I finished mine first!

Add to my collection of Laura Sleeping in Parks.


i'z sittin on mah rooins
waren mah crownz.

> lolcat reference, in case you didn't get it.

i want to BE this tree.

The Map Hall of the Vatican is absolutely incredible. This was done by Ignazio Danti. It's also sideways… oops.

Before they stopped letting the tourists take pictures in the map hall. Our first passegiata of the Vat. When more tourists arrived, they just shooed people through here. We had to go through twice because we missed Raphael's School of Athens, and realized this as soon as we got to the gift shop at the end of everything. The second time through, we made a train by holding onto each other's backpack elastics and beasting through, elbowing nuns and shoving old ladies. I felt really bad, but we really needed to get through!

IT'S THE DOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. God's gotta eat too, you know.

Chairs set up for mass in St. Peter's.

Who am I?

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