by Bruce And Ael March. 12, 2008 1374 views

We arrived back home in Khon Kaen last night after a trip to Laos. To be allowed to stay in Thailand I need to have a valid visa which can only be obtained outside the country. I didn't get photos of the huge mob of "foreigners" at the embassy gate lined up waiting to get in to apply for new visas. It was a discouraging scene! Here are some shots taken in some of our more tranquil moments while we waited for the slow wheels of bureacracy to turn.

Usually the temples are peaceful and interesting places to spend time.

At one Wat we went to a lot of painting was going on.

Some of the monks start quite young.

Here is an old bird who seems to have taken up residence at the Wat. Perhaps he, too, is a monk of sorts. He reminds me of Larry King somehow.

Roots of a tree on the temple grounds.

Here we are keeping to the shade as much as possible.

These big coconuts have a lot of water in them. Very thirst quenching.

Although it looks like a temple we were told this is a museum.

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