Big Jars

by Bruce And Ael June. 25, 2008 1434 views

This is a Yung Kao, a storehouse for harvested rice. Old Tiger village.

Also in Old Tiger… these are large concrete water jars used to store rainwater from the roof.

We have had large galvanized steel rain gutters installed on our eaves to control and direct the rainwater.

And here is one of our big jars arriving! This one has to be rolled around the house to the back corner.

These things are seriously heavy! It's good to have plenty of manpower on the job.

Maneuvring it past our back porch.

Tilting it into place on its concrete foundation.

Getting it centred under the down pipes and with the hole for water pipe oriented the right way.

They need a good cleaning out. They've done duty at another house for many years.

The old table we refinished is looking OK and it will be very useful however my varnishing skills leave something to be desired.

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