by Bruce And Ael August. 25, 2008 1513 views

We've had a long delay in posting while we waited for internet connection at the house. Life has gone on pretty normally and we are really settling in.

Fresh pla-nin (tilapia) from a neighbour's pond. We put the word out that we'd like to buy some fish and she appeared at the door with several for us.

Slices of a potato-like tuber in a basket. The Thai name means “Tiger Paw”.

This is “planting central” on the back porch.

This toad was within a metre of Ael in the last photo.

We've had a problem on the back burner for many months now. The big stump roots we dug up before building the house were not left in a good place. How could we get them moved? We spotted this tractor operator working just down the road and asked him if he would come by and move them. He was willing but wasn't sure the tractor could actually move them.

With a great deal of roaring and snorting….. he succeeded!!

Ael now spends hours working to clean the roots.

It's a dream come true for her to have this lovely big root on which to grow orchids.

Banana leaf.

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